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November 2020

www.cyc.yoga www.cornwallyogacentre.org and the name’s cyc.yoga, cyc, Cornwall Yoga Centre and abbreviations used by the company online and in printed material are owned and operated by Cornwall Yoga Centre C.I.C a community interest company registered in England and Wales.

The website, social media and online activities include but are not limited to:

The platform for the purchase and use of online digital content.
The website and its associated websites.
The platform for registration, account management and membership.
The platform for videos, pre-recorded content and live streaming services.
Social media accounts on 3rd party website and services.
Email services provided by the company to contact guests and members.

All the above are referred to throughout the terms & conditions as “services”

Cornwall Yoga Centre C.I.C, Cornwall Yoga Centre, cyc.yoga are referred to throughout the terms & conditions as “the company”, “we”, “us” and “our”

Visitors, guests, members and all others that use this website are referred throughout these terms & conditions as “you”,”your”,”members”,”the customer”,”customer” and “guests”

  1. Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.
    All services are provided on the basis that you accept these terms & conditions and agree to be bound to them without modification. If you do not agree to the terms & conditions then you are not permitted to use and/or subscribe as a member to the services and are required to exit the services immediately.

  2. Amendments to these Terms & Conditions.
    We may modify the terms & conditions at any time without notification other than a notice displayed in a prominent position on the front page of the website. You agree that you are solely responsible to read such notifications and if you do not then you are accepting full agreement of any modification made.

  3. Membership Requirements.
    In order to use the services offered by the company registration is required. This includes any free trial or period offered by the company. Membership details are stored in accordance to GDPR and for removal of any details should be requested by you as detailed in article 6.

  4. Accessible Age Requirements.
    No content offered by the company is age restricted and is deemed by the company as suitable for all ages. Unless stated otherwise all content is offered by the company for Adult viewing for health and safety. Anyone under the age of 18years should seek guidance and advice from the company by email before participating in any service. The company is not liable or responsible for anyone accessing the services under the age of 18years that has not contacted the company before registration or does not have the consent of an immediate family member whom is of 18years and older.

    The company consents that due to the process of registration then it is not possible to restrict access to minors and we do not knowingly collect the personal details of minors or those under the age of 18years. If you believe that a minor has registered on the website and you would like their information removed please contact [email protected]

  5. Registration Requirements.
    The services offered by the company vary depending on the membership option chosen by you. Not all services are available for each membership option and you agree that upon selection of your membership that some services may not be available.

    Personal details are required for registration. In order for us to manage and provide content name, address, telephone number and email address among other relevant information is required in order for us to provide the services. All details are stored and recorded in accordance with Data collection, recording, storage and GDPR regulations.

    A strong password is required to be set by you. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account. No member of the company will ask you for your password by any service provided by the company. Should your account be compromised and accessed without your consent you are required to inform us immediately so that we can take action to make your account secure. We are not liable for any loss, access or damage.

  6. GDPR Compliance
    The company is GDPR compliant.

    You by using the services provided by the company agree that the following information will be collected:

    IP Address which may or may not confirm your geolocation.

    Cookies. We and the services provided use cookies to store information and are used as an essential part of the services structure. By using the services you are granting storage of cookies on your device or computer which are stored on a temporary basis. If you do not agree to cookies being stored on your device then you will not be able to use the services.

    PHP Session. A session cookie used to track your time using our services is stored in the browser or app on your device. Once closed this is deleted and/or destroyed after 20minutes which ever happens first.

    Personal Details:
    Address and Billing Address if different
    Email address
    Products purchased
    Previous products purchased
    Newsletter opt in/out status
    Payment method chosen

    We use 3rd party payment services and do not store, take or keep any credit/debit card information nor do we process card payments on your behalf either online or by telephone services. Our 3rd party companies used are Paypal and Stripe.

    We employs strict control over who has access to all personal details and restrict access to two company directors. Aimee Blackman & Simon Centofanti. Both company directors are designated Data protection officers for the company.

    If you wish to discuss the GDPR policy you can contact a company director named above by email to [email protected]

    The company does not place any time length on how long customer data is stored. If you believe you have data stored with the company you can place a GDPR request by email to [email protected] to find out what information we have stored. If we do have any information stored and you wish it removed you can request its removal to the same email address. All removal requests will be completed within 2 months in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  7. Account Disclosure Information
    You agree that the company may access, amend by your request and disclose your account information as permitted by law to: comply with a legal request, to contact you with regards to your account even if you have opted out of any mailing list and/or newsletter, respond to any complaint or violation by you to these terms & conditions.

  8. Copyright Compliance
    You agree that all content and services offered by the company are the copyright of the company. You agree that you are not allowed to copy, duplicate, distribute or share any content unless it is expressly stated by the company you are allowed to do so. This includes content by third party providers who are providing content to the company.

    You agree that you will not contact any content provider for permission to use or distribute any material that they have produced for the company. Any such request is deemed in violation of these terms & conditions with immediate termination, without refund.

  9. Account sharing
    The account you make is for your sole use and account sharing is not permitted. We will record the IP address being used to access the account and if multiple IP addresses are recorded reserve the right to suspend your account until we can discuss the usage of your account with you.

  10. Membership Fees, Payments and Trial Periods
    Trial membership is offered on a 7day period or longer if stated by the company on its services. You agree that any trial period may be limited and content and services restricted when compared to other membership packages and services.

    You agree that a trial period will automatically move to a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription based on the membership package selected by you at the time of registration.

    Payments are required in advance in British Pounds (GBP) or the equivalent in any other currency for the duration period without refund unless an exception is met by you or us as detailed in article 17

    All recurring payments are due on the day of registration and we the company do not pro-rata payments nor do we offer any pro-rata refunds.

    The company reserves the right to offer promotions for new customers, promotions for existing customers and other such offers without prior notice at any time. Memberships cannot be switched to a promotional offer.

    Purchases in other currencies are may be subject to currency exchanges and other fees incurred by your card issuer and/or bank which is out of our control. The company is not liable for any other fees you may incur.

    Any cancellation of membership will become effective at the end of the current billing cycle unless and exception is met by you or us as detailed in article 17

    An example of a billing cycle is as follows:

    If you subscribed on the 7th January on a monthly basis then your billing cycle will end at midnight on the 6th February. Any cancellation of the services by you during this billing cycle would give you access to our services until midnight on the 6th February.

    Late payment will result in your account becoming disabled until payment is made. The company offers no grace period for late payments i.e. you cannot attend an online class and pay later. If a membership subscription expires due to lack of payment the company may be unable to backdate it and a new subscription by the customer will have to be made. This may lose any saved items or content that we have sent which may not be able to be recovered this includes but is not limited to any credits, points and incentives.

    Payment errors. The company uses 3rd party payment services. Paypal and Stripe. As such the company is not liable for any incomplete or errors in their payment services and no compensation or refunds are offered to you for any such payment problems.

    Any payment discrepancies need to be reported to [email protected] within 90 working days and must include your account information and transaction ID for investigation. After 90 working days you waive any right to dispute any payment discrepancy.

    The company will send out upcoming billing notifications to ensure you the customer can make any amendments to your billing information and/or credit/debit card.

    Payment disputes and Chargebacks
    The company will address any disputes within the time period offered by the payment provider. The company has no obligation to resolve disputes until a full investigation has taken place. The customer will be suspended effective immediately upon issue of a dispute to the companies payment provider.

    Any chargeback by means of a bank card issuer will be investigated in full and all costs and charges involved applied to the customers account should the customer be found to have requested a chargeback unlawfully. This may or may not involve legal proceedings, small claims court costs and solicitor fees which is at the discretion of the company on which services we determine is required.

    Payment fees. The 3rd party providers that the company uses for credit and debit card transactions, Paypal and Stripe, incur non-refundable fees per transaction. As such any refund applicable in accordance with these terms & conditions will exclude the non-refundable fee amount.
  11. Geolocation, Geographic restrictions and access.
    It may be possible that not everyone can access the site or content depending on global internet services and local country restrictions. Internet failures are out of the scope of services provided by the company and we are unable to offer any type of compensation for internet outages or services not being available in your country.

    The customer is required to check that they are able to access the service by using the 7day free trial before committing to a membership plan.

    If you do have problems accessing and using any of our services customers are requested to contact [email protected]

  12. License and Ownership of Content
    The company employs teachers to produce content for the company both in a pre-recorded and live manner. In order for the company to provide its services each teacher is providing the company with a license to distribute their content.

    This does not give the customer the same right to redistribute the content provided.

  13. Code of Conduct and Content provided by the company
    The services provided by the company are done so in agreement with the teachers employed by the company. The company has interviewed and employed each individual teacher to produce pre-recorded and live stream content for the company.

    The company has provided each teacher with a method of working and a code of conduct in how to produce and deliver their material and content.

    Whilst the company is providing the services the company does not condone nor is it liable or responsible for any errors, mistakes, offensive and/or abusive language, racism, bigotry and hatred of any kind. Harassment, exploitation, nudity, violence or offensive behaviour or the disclosure of any personal information including but limited to telephone numbers, email addresses or street addresses.

    If you feel that any content provided has broken any of the above then you are requested to email [email protected] within 90 days of viewing the content with details of what you observed, time and date for further investigation.

  14. Code of Conduct and Content provided by the customer
    The services provided by the company at times will allow content to be displayed either via webcam or camera of the customer, by chat text posts or by social media posts.

    This content is determined by the company as user content and the company therefore holds no liability or is responsible for any such content.

    The customer agrees by using the services by the company that they will adhere to a professional and respectful code of conduct and you agree to not post or transmit content of:

    Offensive content, Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, Hatred, Incitement to cause harm and abuse against any group or individual.

    Harassment or the advocation of harassment against any group or individual.


    Nudity or violent behaviour or content of any person including material that belongs to the customer.


    To request personal or provide personal information from or about any teacher, group or participant including but not limited to:

    Personal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, personal details such as date of birth, passwords.

    Promote information that is misleading, false or promoting illegal activities.

    Promote information, companies, websites and services of a similar nature being provided by the company unless such information has been approved by email from the company. Any such 3rd party promotions will result in your account being suspended effective immediately.

    Each teacher employed by the company is a qualified and experienced teacher. The company does not condone the customer to give professional advice, recommendations, instruction or services.

    Attempt to circumvent any of the companies systems or services, share or allow access to the company services which is deemed unlawful. Each customer account is for their own personal use and is not a shared commodity.

    Advertise services, teaching, or links and information to services or businesses either related to the companies services or unrelated without prior consent by email from the company. Any such business or customer interested in promoting services or businesses are requested to contact [email protected] for approval before posting content.

  15. Medical and Health of the customer.
    We take your health seriously. The companies intentions are to provide a healthy way for you to enjoy and benefit from our services.

    By use of our services you agree to the following statements:

    That if you suffer from any medical condition or are currently taking prescribed medication of any kind that you have sought the approval of a medical doctor before accessing any service provided by the company.

    That the services being provided by the company are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis and you agree that participating in the services offered by the company there is a possibility of injury and you agree that you assume all risk and liability.

    If you have received medical advice from a doctor that you do not ignore or disregard the advice given to you. The services offered by the company are not an alternative diagnosis.

    If you suspect that you are pregnant that you have consulted with a medical doctor to ensure that the services offered by the company are suitable and safe for you.

    You the customer agree that if you experience any of the following that you will immediately cease using the services offered by the company until you have sought medical advice from a doctor.

    Chest pains.
    The loss or difficult in breathing.
    Joint or muscular problems.

  16. Copyright and content removal request.
    The services including the names are the copyright of Cornwall Yoga Centre C.I.C a community interest company registered in England & Wales.

    The company has agreements with the teachers providing content for the use of their material which remains the copyright of the individual teacher. The teacher has given the company permission to distribute and use the content.

    The company will review any reported copyright violation and take down notice received by email to [email protected] only. Email notices of copyright violation must contain specific details. Content viewed. Date and time of viewing.

    The company will review and respond to copyright violations within a 30 day time period.

  17. Termination of account and refunds.
    You the customer have the right to terminate your account at any time.
    The company offers a free 7 day trial period to allow the customer to evaluate if the services being offered by the company are of a suitable nature. The customer agrees that after the trial period they will automatically be charged a subscription fee of which is a minimum period of 1 month.

    If at any time the customer wishes to cancel then the customer will be allowed access for the remainder of their selected subscription period. The company does not offer refunds of any time remaining in the subscription period.

    The company reserves the right without liability or refund to terminate your account if the company believes it has reason to do so and the customer has violated any part of these terms & conditions.

    The company agrees that if the services offered cease to be available at the decision of the company that it will where legally possible and applicable offer refunds to the customer.

    The customer agrees that as the services offered by the company are digital and that the consumer rights act 2015 restrict them from distribution or the resale of any content. The company will display and deliver the content as advertised on our services. Live streaming content and the quality will depend on your internet service and the services provided by internet providers. As such, the company is not liable or responsible for any cancellation, video or audio quality provided.

    Prerecorded content. The company provided content that has been prerecorded which may be in different standards and quality. The company and customer both agree that on occasion that file corruption or events may occur in which a video is not playable. The company will at its earliest opportunity have the content replaced. The company provides content in universal formats and is not liable for the customer equipment or device if they are unable to play the content.

    Live content. The company provides live content through 3rd party services from different locations of which may have different equipment, internet speed, lighting and audio. The company is not liable or responsible for the quality of the services and the expected quality of the live event will be advertised to the customer. In the event of any such live event having to be cancelled, rescheduled, terminated early due to circumstances out of the control of the company and/or teacher or if you the customer cannot attend in full then no refunds will be offered.

    Where possible live events that cannot take place at the scheduled time will be rescheduled where possible.

    The customer agrees that their subscription fee is not for the viewing of any particular piece of content but to access of the companies services as a whole. The company does not offer discounts, refunds or special membership packages or plans for the sole viewing of particular teachers and/or content.

© Cornwall Yoga Centre C.I.C 2020.
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