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Welcome to our complimentary membership registration area.

In order to access the registration form, you will need to follow these instructions:

1. You will require a NHS based email account. We currently only accept @nhs email addresses. For example,,,, and so on*.

2. In the box below enter your NHS email address. You will get sent a code to input on the next page. Do not leave the next page otherwise you will have to restart the process.

3. After you have inputted the code and your email has been verfied you will be taken to the registration form. Please fill out the registration form which will create your account on our website.

Please enter your email address and press submit.


If you are an NHS worker but do not have an NHS email address but can provide proof that you are an NHS worker please contact us at [email protected]

Once registered please keep your NHS email as the email for your account with us.

If you are a registered charity or key workgroup or individual please contact us at [email protected]

All of our recorded classes and courses are available free of charge with unlimited access to NHS staff. If you wish to attend live interactive or live broadcast classes scheduled on the timetable then a full fee will apply to attend (as we pay each teacher per class).

The complimentary membership will be valid for 12months from the day of registration. 

*We have attempted to add the most common NHS email address suffixes into the system. If you do not get an email with the OTP code to verify your email address then it could be that your suffix is not in our system yet. Please email us at [email protected]

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